Friday, June 10, 2005

Eternal rest is over

Haloha all!

You're listening to StuzOne FM,bringing you the latest updates from the Andover movement world for the next X amount of words.

I'm not gonna drown you in politics and Parkour this and Freerunning that and Freestyle Parkour all else.Just move how you want and dont be afraid to experiment.Leave the arguing up to the powers that be.

Yes as Kohl said,Sunday saw the start of our Andover scene.I arrived at town centre on time to discover none other than some stupid market on in the town centre,which ruined our first spot of the rails outside Woolworths.When Will and Rob (God that guy can move) arrived we swfitly moved out of the chaos down the side of Tescos Metro an did some balance drills and wallruns up 2 different walls.Moved onto "the wooden dick" as I call it an tried to figure out how we could get the most out of it.Then onto HSA for some pop vaults,general vaults and tic-tac practice.Then we went to the George carpark an tried a few "Bridges" (newly made name on the day cause I've never heard the idea referred to) and some more wallruns and balances.We moved swiftly onto the beauty that is outside Keskins,near the subway.Then onto the back of Marks an Spencer.It was a good day,there were 3 of us but 3 is better than 0.I wasnt expecting progress overnight.

Then the 4 of us had a good gym night on Monday.The first time all 4 of us had been there.We tried out some interesting ideas that I hadnt seen before (mostly the birthchild thoughts of Matt the schizophrenic professor).

Me an Will are to be out training again this Sunday morning from 9 till 1130 at all the above mentioned spots.We'll be starting at 9 outside Woolworths before moving on so if yu're reading this come along and join in/ogle :-).

Monday, June 06, 2005

Andover Scene on the Up

Well , as weve seen over the past 2+ months , the parkour scene has taken its ups and downs with myself and Stu taking injuries and shortly after discovering other parkourists in Andover. *how convenient*

but yesturday saw the return of Stu to parkour in Andovers 1st ever Jam. Which i was unable to attend due to band obligations. But from the sound of it , a worthwhile event and hopefully get some more information about how it went through me or from stu on here.

So Tonight also sees stu back to the gym, though not 100% , it will be good to see the group of us at the gym tonight providing Will and the others are available. As Last week saw my second week back though my foot is still in its final weeks of healing after 2 months off.

We shall now see more updates and progress on the parkour front and planning for events over the summer , with afew strangers situated in andover who are still to be consistant in contacting us.

and a lesson from the injuries , beware of the gym floor!, be aware of the objects around you and most of all only attempt parkour on object which have been checked before hand for stability and safety...
Friday, May 06, 2005

Is Anybody Out There...

YES!It seems there is somebody out there after all.After a chance discovery in the UFF forums the other day Kohl an myself have found Team Twist,based in none other then Andover..fancy that!.A 6 legged team,they have been practicing since mid January time and have released their first video,based in the housing estates around Andover. Give their website a shout at and help support our Andover traceurs,all 5/6 of us :-).

Thursday, April 21, 2005

my progress

Well as Stuz has mentioned me being off as well as he is a pain, i actually went to get a doctor diagnosis today and it was exactly what i thought it was, i have been off the last few weeks with a torn ligament in my foot , just walking.

Ligaments can take longer than a break to heal .... great news all round. But it makes me more eager to get back (safely)....
Ive been alittle busy with small projects both musically and web related and am now free of the web project.

Fingers crossed ill be back in 2 weeks... so resting up till then.
I will Add the Gym page to the Andover hotspots a.s.a.p, I and Ben took accouple of photos at my last gym session and havent had a chance to put them up.
Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Everything On The Western Front

Well,you're probably thinking all is quiet.....and it is. Right now both of us are out with injury,me with the elbow that's going to be going in for physio soon,and Matt/Kohl with an aggrovated ligament or something in his foot. But my spiwits are been kept high by some people,and Matt/Kohl (what do you want to be referred to as??) is confident of a recovery sometime soon,however this is the longest lasting injury in the time I've known him.

On a separate note it turns out we were both simultaneously first considering taking up the gymnastic classes at our local gymnasium to improve our overall flexibility and fitness,and to get down some moves that would help us with our overall Parkour......However,for various reasons that i forget,I have decided not to,and Kohl has put it on hold for a while.Then it turns out we were both thinking of taking up a martial art of some form,to get back to that basis of fitness and flexibility.Before our gym session on mondays there are classes that we sometimes get to glimpse into, 1 time being the instructor lunging variously with a wooden mallet of some sort and this 16-17 year old girl had to deflect his attacks and "take him down" so to speak.So after a bit of nifty sherlock work from Kohl it turns out they teach Kung Fu there,which once fully healed we intend on taking up.


6th June
Andover Gym Session
(8.30pm @Charlton weekly session)

13th June
Andover Gym Session
(8.30pm @charlton weekly session)

Ben Lazy Vault
Ben Lazy Vault - Portsmouth